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Class DbQueryParser


Database query builder with SQL parser
This class is an extension to the query builder, which enables it to parse real SQL statements to fill the object's properties.
Note that the SQL statements are expected to use the syntax understood by FileDb. This sligthly differs from MySQL. No Limit clause is allowed. Use the method "DbQuery::setLimit()" instead. Ids do not need to be quoted. Values are quoted using double-quotes - not single-quotes.
For more details on this topic see the manual and the developer's cookbook.
  • since: 2.9.3
  • access: public
Method Summary


create a new instance
DbQueryParser DbQueryParser (
object $database
List of parameters:
Name Type Description
$database object
This creates and initializes a new instance of this class.
parse SQL query into query object
bool parseSQL (
string $sqlStmt
List of parameters:
Name Type Description
$sqlStmt string
Returns bool(true) if the input SQL statement is valid (in the sense of this parser) and bool(false) on failure.
  • access: public
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