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Class Utility


«abstract» Utility
"Utility classes" contain only static methods and attributes. This means especially you can't create an instance of such classes.
As an example they are usefull to group full static functions of the same domain within a class namespace instead of having them clutter your global namespace.
To create a utility class, simply add "extends Utility" to your class definition. Note: this class is abstract by intention not by syntax.
  • abstract:
  • access: public

Method Summary

Direct descendents

Class Description
ErrorUtility «utility» static class for error handling and debugging
Hashtable «utility» Hashtable
Index «utility» controller
Microsummary «utility» Microsummary


check Utility - constraint
Utility Utility ()
This is a pseudo-constructor that when called issues an E_USER_ERROR and terminates the program. Utility classes do not allow any instances, since they are intended not to have any instance specific members.
  • access: public

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