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«utility» controller
this implements the main program
Note that as of version 2.8.6 the framework also accepts calls from the PHP command line interface. This is intended to be used for cronjobs and maintenance.
Example of usage (Windows):
php index.php action=test target=detailed >stdout.log
When running PHP from the command line under UNIX, you need to include the following line on top of the "index.php" file:
This is to tell where the PHP binaries can be found.
The path might be another on your server. If you don't know the path, enter the following on your command line:
which php
This will output the path where the php binaries are installed.
When running the program under Windows this is not necessary. Instead you should change the system path to point to the PHP installation directory, if you have'nt already done that.
See the PHP manual for more details.
  • access: public
  • name: Index
Method Summary


YANA controller
void main ()
The Static function "main" is an YANA controller, used to untaint user data and operate an YANA-instance.
  • access: public
  • uses: YANA::main()
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