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Class Plugin


«abstract» Plugin
This is an abstract super-class for all plugins. Each subclass should re-implement the abstract default event handler.
  • abstract:
  • access: public

Method Summary

Direct descendents

Class Description
plugin_blog «plugin» class "plugin_blog"
plugin_check collection of unit- and performance-tests
plugin_db_admin database administration tool
plugin_db_tools Database tools
plugin_default_library Default library for common functions
plugin_diagnostics Self-diagnosis plug-in
plugin_guestbook guestbook plugin
plugin_guestbook_admin guestbook setup
plugin_ipblock IP-Blocker utility
plugin_ipblock_admin IP block setup
plugin_rss RSS to HTML factory plugin
plugin_rss_admin RSS to HTML factory setup
plugin_sdk Software Developement Kit
plugin_search Search plugin
plugin_search_admin Search plugin setup
plugin_user user authentification plugin
plugin_user_admin user management plugin


Plugin Plugin (
string $name
List of parameters:
Name Type Description
$name string a humean readable, unique identifier for this instance
Creates a new instance. When reimplementing this function, note that you should at least set the private name attribute, as this serves as an id and therefore it is essential to communicate with other plugins.
get the name of a plugin
string getName ()
The "name" of a plugin is also a unique identifier for it. This means it is an alphanumeric, lower-cased string. Plugin names can also be used to communicate with the PluginManager singleton class to reference to a specific plugin.
  • access: public
«abstract» default event handler
bool _default (
string $event, array $ARGS
List of parameters:
Name Type Description
$event string identifier of the occured event
$ARGS array list of arguments
Since this is an abstract function it should be reimplemented in all subclasses
  • abstract:
  • access: public

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