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Class Language


«Singleton» Language
This class may be used to dynamically load additional language files at runtime.
  • access: public
Method Summary


get name of selected language
string|bool(false) getSelectedLanguage ()
Returns the name of the currently selected language as a string, or bool(false) on error.
Example: Returns 'en' for English, 'de' for German.
Technically spoken, this is the name of the sub-directory, where the current language's files are stored. Check the directory "languages/" for a complete list.
  • since: 2.9.6
  • access: public
read language strings from a file
bool read (
string $filename
List of parameters:
Name Type Description
$filename string
The file should be taken from 'languages/*.config', without path and file extension.
The file contents will automatically be stored in the global registry and can be accessed using $YANA->getVar('LANGUAGE.SOME_VALUE').
This function issues an E_USER_NOTICE if the file does not exist. It returns bool(true) on success and bool(false) on error.
  • access: public
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