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Class Object


This is a base class for all entities used in the framework. It provides same basic functionality that is common for all subclasses.
  • abstract:
  • access: public

Method Summary

Direct descendents

Class Description
Counter counter wrapper
DbCreator «decorator» database Creator
DbQuery Database query builder
DbServer Connection to a database server
DbStream database API
FileSystemResource «abstract» filesystem resource
FormCreator Form-generator
FormMailer create and send mails from form data
Image Image wrapper class
Brush Brush wrapper class
RSS «entity» RSS feed
RSSitem «entity» RSS item
Singleton «abstract» Singleton
SmartTemplate «decorator» SmartTemplate
String «datatype» String


clone this object
Object cloneObject ()
Creates a copy of this object. You are encouraged to reimplement this for each subclass.
  • since: 2.8.5
  • access: public

Redefined in descendants as:
compare with another object
bool equals (
object $anotherObject
List of parameters:
Name Type Description
$anotherObject object
Returns bool(true) if this object and $anotherObject are the same and bool(false) otherwise.
You are encouraged to overwrite this function in subclasses to reflect your implementation.
  • since: 2.8.5
  • access: public

Redefined in descendants as:
get the class name of the instance
string getClass ()
This function returns the name of the class of this object as a string.
  • since: 2.8.5
  • access: public
serialize this object to a string
string serialize ()
This calls the PHP function serialize on the object and returns the result. Use unserialize() to revert the string back into an object.
  • access: public
get a string representation of this object
string toString ()
This function is intended to be called when the object is used in a string context.
You are encouraged to implement this for each derived subclass, to reflect your implementation and purpose of your class.
  • access: public

Redefined in descendants as:

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